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MotionEye is a multi-disciplinary design studio in Hong Kong, specialized in motion graphic design, video production and digital design for with more than 15 years experience in broadcast and advertising industries.

We believe motion graphic design is integrated into the world of communication, advertising and branding. Motion graphic design is the most effective means of communication in every facet of advertising from TV to internet to mobile phones. In no time, motion graphic design, will be the most effective means among all.

We, at MotionEye, regards ourselves as both the Choreographer PLUS the Director to our work and design. Our production team comprises members from all stages from concept development all the way to the final output. This outcome of our "Visual Integration" is a best distilled solution to our clients that is more than a mere direct execution of the current technology and plug-ins that they find elsewhere.

our services

We provide integrated video production with wide range of variety from

• Creative Concept development
• Story board production
• Pre-production
• Video shooting
• On-site Visual Effects Supervision
• Motion Graphic Design
• 2D & 3D Visual Effect and Composition
• Post-production

Services for :

• TV Commercials
• Broadcast Design and On-air Promo
• Corporate Video
• Viral Video
• Interactive and Multimedia Design
• GUI Design

Contact us

9/F, Henan Building, 19 Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

E :
T : (852) 2137-7061
F : (852) 3171-7735